Application and Admission Process FAQs

Q: Is Bow Valley College a Designated Learning Institution?

YES: Bow Valley College is registered as a Designated Learning Institution. Our DLI is # O19273769422. (The first character is the letter “O” followed by eleven numbers: O 192 737 694 22).

Additionally, all of our programs are listed as Designated Learning programs and are eligible to receive foreign nationals with a study permit.

When applying for your study permit, you must provide our DLI number along with our Letter of Acceptance.

You may verify the list of Designated Learning Institutions here

Q: How can I submit the application?

A: You can submit your application in the following ways:

  1. Online: go to "APAS"
  2. Email:
  3. Online:
  4. Fax: 1-403-297-3984
  5. Walk in: you can visit our office located on 2nd floor of South Campus. The office hours are 8:00am - 4:00pm

Q: Do I have to pay all fees when I submit the application form or only the $130 application fee?

A: You can pay the $130 application fee when you submit the application; however, at minimum the confirmation fee of $ 1500 is required before we can issue a Letter of Acceptance and guarantee a seat for you. Your application will not be processed until the $130 application fee is received. Both fees are non-refundable.

Q: When and how should I pay the fees?

A: The non-refundable, non-transferable confirmation fee must be paid within 21 days of receiving notification that you have been accepted into a program. The balance of all tuition and fees owing for each semester are due by the tuition fee deadline.

You can pay fees by Visa, Mastercard, cash (in person only), debit (in person only), or by wire transfer. See Payment Options.

Q: Can students apply for more than one term of the International English Language Learning Program?

A: Yes, students are encouraged to apply for at least 2 terms of ELL. Most applicants study for two+ terms of the International English Language Learning program to achieve their academic goals. The Letter of Acceptance will indicate the amount paid to-date and the amount owing to complete the terms you have applied for.

Q: What is the refund policy?

A: See the International Student Tuition and Fee Refund Information.

Q: Am I considered an International Student for Bow Valley College registration purposes?

A: At Bow Valley College International Students are those who are not Canadian Citizens, Landed Immigrants, Refugees or Permanent Residents of Canada. Anyone who has a study, work or visitor permit would hold an International Student status for the purpose of enrolment at Bow Valley College. If you have any doubts, please contact the International Education Office.

Q: Can I apply to Bow Valley College through an agent?

A: Bow Valley College welcome applications for International Students that are made through an agency. However, the International Education Office is also happy to work with International Students directly to support their registration process for any program at Bow Valley College.

For more information on the steps to apply directly please refer to or for confirmation that your agent is an approved representative of Bow Valley College, please contact us.

Q: How long will my application take to be processed?

A: Applications for a Bow Valley College career program take approximately 4 weeks from the point that all required documentation is received and the application fee paid.

Applications to the International ELL program typically take one week.

The final stage of the application process is when applicants obtain their Letter of Acceptance to use for Immigration Purposes. These periods do not include the time needed to process immigration applications. Please refer to Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s website ( for information on processing times for immigration applications.

Q: When can I get my Letter of Acceptance for visa purposes?

A: Once an admissions decision is finalized, the International Education Office will contact you by email. You will then be provided with a copy of the tuition fees and asked to pay at minimum the non-refundable confirmation fee of $ 1500 to reserve your seat in the program. Once this payment has been received, the Letter of Acceptance and receipt of payment will be sent via e-mail to the applicants personal e-mail as indicated on the application form.


Q:  Can I apply for conditional acceptance if I am missing the English Language Proficiency or an academic requirement?

A: At the discretion of the Dean, some Bow Valley College programs can offer conditional acceptance. To find out if you might be eligible, please contact us.