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Designated Learning Institution


Bow Valley College is registered as a Designated Learning Institution with Citizen and Immigration Canada. Our registration record is DLI # O19273769422. All of our programs are listed as Designated Learning programs and are eligible to receive foreign nationals on a study permit. You may verify the list of Designated Learning Institutions here.

Please take note that when applying for your study permit, you must provide our DLI number along with our Letter of Acceptance, which will confirm the number as well.

Our programs are very popular (often become waitlisted months prior to the start date), we recommend applying from six to twelve months in advance of your anticipated start date. Please contact the International Education Department prior to submitting an application to confirm seat availability. Applicants are responsible for ensuring they obtain a valid study permit prior to the start of their program. All international students must submit a copy of their valid study permit to the International Education Department no later than five business days prior to their program New Student Orientation. Failure to do so may result in an automatic withdrawal and loss of the non-refundable fees.

Apply Online

Please apply to Bow Valley College programs through the APAS Online Portal Application Form.

Before applying, we recommend students to review our APAS International Student Guide which explains in detail the steps on how to submit your application through the APAS online portal.

To access the APAS online portal and submit your application to Bow Valley College, please click here: APAS

If you have further inquiries please contact or call 403-410-3476

Steps to Apply

  • 1 Select your program and the start date. +

    Check out our programs to find the right program for you and find out when is the next available intake:

    When choosing your start date, there are three important timelines to consider:

    1. BVC application processing timelines (approximately 3-4 weeks)
    2. Canadian foreign study or visitor permit processing timelines (students must submit a copy of their valid study permit to International Education no later than 5 business days prior to their New Student Orientation or they risk losing their seat and non-refundable fees).
    3. Allowance to arrive in Canada prior to the mandatory New Student Orientation for your program and the placement test date for the International ELL program (one week prior to the start of the term).

    BVC application deadlines:

    Don't forget to check our Frequently Asked Questions page. It will provide you with important information to consider when selecting a program and the start date.

    Note: We recommend applying from 6 to 12 months in advance of your anticipated start date to make sure there is space available in the program and that there is sufficient time for processing your study permit application. Please contact us ahead of applying to confirm sufficient time/space of seats.

  • 2 Submit your application. +


    1. Submit your application through the online portal: APAS.
    2. Please include the student's contact information ONLY under the "Applicant Contact Information" field.
    3. Please write the student's surname(s) and given name(s) on the application form as they appear in their passport. Only the student's personal e-mail, mailing address and telephone information should be provided on the application form as this data will appear on college issued documentation.
      - E-mail will be the principle form of communication through the admission process. It is mandatory that we have the student's personal e-mail address.
    4. If you need help completing the application, please check our APAS International Student Guide.



    A $130 CAD application fee applies to each program. This fee can be paid with a credit card once you complete the application. If you do not have a credit card, you can choose to "Pay Later"; however, Bow Valley College will NOT process the application until the application fee has been paid.

    If paying later, you would need to provide Bow Valley College the Alberta Student Number of the applicant or copy of the submitted application along with the payment. Please review the payment options here: Payment Options.

    Once you apply, you will receive the International Student Enrollment Checklist, which you can also download from here.

  • 3 Submit your proof of admission requirements. +

    If you are applying for our Academic Upgrading, Certificate or Diploma programs, you must submit your proof of admission requirements along with your application form.

    This includes:


    If submitting TOEFL or IELTS as proof of English Language Proficiency, you are required to submit copy of the official hard copy test results. If you are in Calgary, you can register now to take your IELTS test at Bow Valley College.

    You can also enroll in our International English Language Learning program to obtain conditional acceptance into some of our academic programs.


    If you don't meet the academic requirements of our programs you can always opt to register into our Academic Upgrading program to help you meet the requirements. The online academic upgrading is recommended for students who wish to complete the upgrading outside of Canada while they wait for their study permit.


    If you plan to study ELL or Academic Upgrading, and then go on to complete a Career Program at Bow Valley College, you may even be eligible for early conditional admissions. Check out our website to find out more and apply


    The application process takes approximately 3-4 weeks from the time a complete application (including supporting documents) is received. If applying for the International ELL program, the application process only takes 2 business days.

  • 4 Use of Representative +

    In order for Bow Valley College to communicate with any third party regarding a student's application or admission, the student must complete and sign the Consent To Release Information Form. This form authorizes Bow Valley College to share information about the student's application with the person or agency named on this form.

    Please include the representative's contact information on the "Applying for someone else?" field of BVC's APAS application form.

  • 5 Receive our Offer of Admission. +

    Once our admissions officers verify that you meet all requirements to join the program, you will receive an e-mail from the International Education Department with an "Offer of Admission" which will include a "Fee Estimate" of your program.

    If you are not accepted you will receive an e-mail from the International Education Department with information about any admission requirements which have not been fulfilled.

  • 6 Reserve your seat in the program. +


    Your "Offer of Admission" will be valid for approximately 3 weeks. To reserve your seat in the program you will need to pay the $1500 non-refundable and non-transferable confirmation fee OR pay the first semester of tuition and fees within approximately 3 weeks. The $1500 non-refundable, non-transferable confirmation fee is part of the first semester of tuition and fees.


    We accept payment by Wire (bank) Transfer, Cash (in person only), Debit Card (in person only), Visa or Mastercard by phone (1.403.410.1400), in person or through the Credit Card Authorization form. Please see details of our payment options here. When making a payment, be sure your name and BVC student ID number or your ASN number is provided with your payment.


    At the same time you should receive an email from the college including your login information to your MyBVC account. You should access this account promptly since important information from the college is emailed to this account. In addition, your MyBVC account allows you to make online payments towards your tuition, review your student account statement and receive course information. In order to receive your login information make sure you have entered the student's email address clearly in the "Applicant Contact Information" field in BVC's application form.

  • 7 Get your Letter of Acceptance. +

    An electronic Letter of Acceptance will be issued along with a receipt of payment upon payment of the non-refundable, non-transferable confirmation fee of $ 1500.  Payment of the confirmation fee reserves your seat in the program.

    Upon request the original Letter of Acceptance and a receipt of payment will be mailed to the address indicated on the original application.

    Please keep a copy of the Letter of Acceptance for your reference.

  • 8 Get your study permit. +

    You will need to submit your Letter of Acceptance and receipt of payment as part of your application for a Canadian Study Permit at your nearest Canadian Embassy or Consulate.

    Please make sure you review the Canadian study or visitor permit processing timelines so you can submit your study permit application in advanced and get your visa on time.

    • Bow Valley College's DLI# is O19273769422. (The first character is the letter “O” followed by eleven numbers: O 192 737 694 22).
    • All of our programs are listed as Designated Learning programs and are eligible to receive foreign nationals on a study permit.
    • When applying for your study permit, you must provide our DLI number along with our Letter of Acceptance, which will confirm the number as well.
    • You may verify the list of Designated Learning Institutions here.


    Most Bow Valley College Certificate and Diploma programs include an unpaid practicum; you may need to apply for a co-op work permit when you apply for a study permit. For information about visa application and processing times in your country, please visit the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website at    

  • 9 Get ready to start! +

    Once you get your study permit contact the International Education Department and email a copy of your permit to confirm you are ready to join the program and assist to our Orientation Session.

    Orientation sessions are held the week prior the start of classes. For details go to:

    Also, don't miss reviewing the International Student Welcome Guide.


    IMPORTANT NOTE: Request to Start Late, Defer, or Refund

    Students who are not able to attend the first day of class must provide written communication to the International Education Department at Bow Valley College before the start date of the program. Students who fail to provide written communication by contacting us will be ineligible for a full refund or deferral.

    Please see the International Student Tuition and Fee Refund Information for policies regarding visa refusal, deferral, and other issues.