Prospective Students

Watch our video!
Watch our video!

Take a closer look at Bow Valley College. Just click on the image to launch the video and take a peek inside BVC and its surroundings or listen to some of our students share their experience at BVC.

You can also access the video here.

Build your career in two years or less

Since Bow Valley College opened in 1965, more than 250,000 people have come through our doors and left with English as a Second Language training, certificates, diplomas, employment services, and much more. Bow Valley College specializes in delivering quality education and training programs. We have experienced and engaged teachers, excellent courses, and the largest English as a Second Language program in Calgary.  

Our downtown campus expansion was completed in 2013, allowing us to double our capacity to 20,000 students a year in state-of-the-art spaces and classrooms. 

Students from all over the world choose from our first-rate programs for many reasons.

Here's some of the reasons they say that a College education was right for them:

  • Colleges are a popular alternative education choice to university in Canada
  • Quality education that prepares students to be job-ready quickly
  • Small class sizes, close connections with instructors, and work experience
  • Programs offer more options. After your studies you can work or pursue further study at many universities
  • Programs are short term and focused. Bow Valley College's programs are only either months to two years long compared to a four year degree at university
  • Tuition is more economical at Colleges 

Working in Canada

You may be able to get a work permit allowing you to work during and after your studies.  Depending on how long you attend Bow Valley College, you may be able to work in Canada for up to three years after you graduate. 

After six months of full-time study, you are eligible to work part-time for the duration of your studies.

Visit Citizenship and Immigration Canada for more information.

Our team will help you

Our Office of International Education has a dedicated team that will work with you to make sure you have a positive experience. Staff are always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

We know you have very specific goals and we do everything we can to see you succeed. 

Before you apply, don't forget to check our Frequently Asked Questions page. It will help you take in consideration many factors that are important at the time you choose the program of your preference and intake.

If applying from India or Mexico, please contact our Overseas Enrolment Representatives.