Internationalization Innovation Fund

Internationalization Innovation Fund

The Internationalization Innovation Fund for BVC staff and faculty is open for applications.

The purpose of this fund is to provide a scholarship opportunity for employees to champion innovative initiatives which aim to "integrate an international dimension or perspective into teaching, training, research and service functions of the university (college)."-Jane Knight and Hans De Wit.

The project proposal deadline is a rolling deadline - please contact Amy Schalin Weatherall, Coordinator of International Education for more information. 

For more details about this award opportunity please download the complete application form: Internationalization Innovation Fund Proposal. For more information, you can check the Internationalization Innovation Fund Evaluation Guide.

Award Winners:

2015: Kim Hogarth, PN Coordinator: Guyana Practicum Exploration

2016: Trevor McIvor, Instructor CSB: Japan - International Business and Culture

2017: Chery Kinzel, Director, Centre for Early Childhood Development and Applied Research (CEDAR).  – Jamaica - Early Childhood Education Applied Research, Faculty and Student Mobility Opportunity Development with University of West Indies, Open Campus