Medical Insurance

To be adequately protected for medical insurance coverage, students should have both basic and extended medical insurance plans.

Basic coverage for all students: Alberta Health Care

Alberta Health Care Insurance is basic health care coverage that is administered and governed by the provincial Government of Alberta. All eligible recipients are required by law to be covered by this insurance plan.

Students must enroll themselves for Alberta Health Care Insurance when they arrive and establish a residence in Alberta, registration is not automatic. For specific details on Alberta Health Care Insurance benefits and how to register please refer to the website

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To find health care, please visit:

Extended Health Care for International English Language Learners

Students currently taking the International English Language Learning Program will be insured through StudentGuard Insurance.  This insurance is mandatory and included in the tuition and fees for each term/semester of ESL study. Students are covered from the first day of class until the day before the start of the next term. A StudentGuard insurance card and detailed information will be handed out during the first week of classes. 

Note:  International ESL students may also be eligible for free Alberta Health Care coverage if they meet all requirements. International ESL students who are eligible for Alberta Health Care will still have Student Guard coverage during their ESL study at Bow Valley College.

Visit StudentGuard medical insurance website at to obtain additional details.

Extended Health Care for Full Time Career Program Students

Full time students registered in an academic program at Bow Valley College are automatically enrolled in and assessed fees for an Extended Health and Dental Insurance Plan, administered by Gallivan Insurance. This insurance provides coverage against drug prescription costs, vision care, supplementary health costs, ambulance and dental. For complete details and forms visit

A representative for Gallivan Insurance is located at Bow Valley College’s North Campus, in the Student’s Association Office and is available Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 9 am – 1:30 pm. Alternatively you contact them by email at or phone at 403.410.1696 with questions or concerns. Please note that coverage applies to full-time students only.

Inquiries? Please visit and contact the Student Service Coordinator to get details: 

Part-time or Short Term International Students

If you are studying part time, are in a short term career program (less than six months in length) or taking academic upgrading you may not automatically receive medical insurance coverage. Please contact the International Education Office for assistance in obtaining adequate medical insurance.