Frequently Asked Questions (Agents)

* I have applied to be an agent representative for Bow Valley College. Will I get commission for students I have applied for previously? No, commissions are only provided to agencies that have a current formal agency agreement with Bow Valley College.

* I am not an authorized agent representative for Bow Valley College. Can I still apply on behalf of my client? Yes, your agency may submit an Application for Admission to Bow Valley College on behalf of a student as an unauthorized agency under lawful terms. 

* I applied to be a Prospective Agent. When can I expect to hear back? During our bi-annual review periods (i.e. March and November) of prospective agent applications, we will do an in-depth review of your complete application and will be in further contact with you should we require additional documents or information. We appreciate your interest in working with Bow Valley College, but as a result of the overwhelming number of prospective agent applications received, only successful applicants will be contacted.

* I was previously an Authorized Agent Representative of Bow Valley College but my contract was not renewed at the time of renewal. Will I be able to get a renewal now? No, if your contract is not extended at the time of the renewal period, you will be required to submit a new Prospective Agent Application form. Your Prospective Agent Application form will be reviewed during our bi-annual review periods (i.e. March and November).

* What is the commission rate? All commission related information will be disclosed to agencies that have been offered a Bow Valley College Contract Agreement.

* What career programs are offered at Bow Valley College? Please kindly refer to the following link:

* What are the admission requirements? Bow Valley College admission requirements are designed to accommodate mature students. Applicants to Bow Valley College programs or courses must be 18 years of age or older, or be able to demonstrate to the Registrar the maturity to benefit from a selected program of study. It is not mandatory to have a completed high school diploma to apply to programs or courses at Bow Valley College.  Admission requirements are listed under each specific program. Agent representatives and applicants should familiarize themselves with the specific requirements of the program they are applying to. In some cases, pre-program requirements or additional admission requirements are also listed. Applicants must provide proof of successful completion of the admission requirements or proof of current registration in pre-requisite courses for the programs selected. Applicants whose first language is not English must also fulfill the English Proficiency Requirements to the program applied for prior to final acceptance.

* How much are application fees? Application fees for international students are $130 CAD. All funds are in Canadian dollars. 

NOTE: The College does not assume responsibility for the impact of foreign currency exchange, bank fees, or related matters outside of college control.

* Will my client be required to pay multiple application fees if they have applied to more than one program? Applicants are required to pay a separate application fee for every application submitted regardless of the similarities in program types (i.e. certificate and diploma) and semester intakes (i.e. Fall, Winter, Spring).

* The wrong program and/or intake have been selected during the online application process. Can the application fee be transferred to a different program? All application fees are non-refundable, non-transferrable, and subject to change.

* Are there any programs that are not applicable to international students? International students are not recommended to apply to the following programs:

  • Health Care Aide (full-time, four months program)
  • Nutrition Manger Certificate (online program)
  • Recreation Therapy Aide Certificate (part-time program)
  • Pharmacy Technician (As part of the pre-admissions requirement, all applicants are required to take an administered examination on campus at Bow Valley College)

* Where can I find the application form? International students may submit their application to Bow Valley College through the APAS online portal at the following link:
Applicants are encouraged to review our APAS International Student Guide, which will explain in detail, the steps on how to submit an online application.

* If the academic requirements are not met, are there other options available? Bow Valley College offers a High School Upgrading option for students who do not meet the academic requirement(s). International students will be required to take the full-time course load (i.e. enrolled in three courses) to be considered to be eligible for a study permit. 
Please refer to the following link for additional information:

* If applicants do not meet the English Proficiency Requirement for the program of interest, what are some alternative options? If an applicant does not meet the English Language Proficiency, they may apply for the International English Learning Language program offered at Bow Valley College. Upon arrival, students are assessed and placed according to their language proficiency into one of the four courses in the program. The assessment takes placed the week before classes begin. Applicants to the program are assumed to have at least an intermediate level of English language proficiency. For applicants with lower than intermediate proficiency, we offer a 15-week Basic English Language course. 
Please refer to the following link for additional information:

* If an applicant meets the English Language Proficiency, does this mean they also automatically meet the English component under the Academic Requirements? Fulfilling the English Proficiency Requirement does not equate to satisfying the English 30-1 or 30-2 or equivalent because under the Academic Requirements, the English 30-1/30-2 is a Language Arts course. Depending on the country of origin, applicants may not be required to have Grade 12 English. They will, however, be required to have a Language Arts course equivalent to English 30-1 or 30-2.

* Do you require originals transcripts? International students are not required to send in original high-school and/or post-secondary transcripts, unless requested by the admissions team. 

NOTE: Students will be required to bring in the original transcripts for confirmation of authenticity before the start of classes.

* Do you require post-secondary (i.e. college and/or university) transcripts for assessment? Admissions assessment will be based mainly on high school transcripts. International applicants can send in post-secondary transcripts alongside their high school transcripts for a holistic assessment, but it is not a requirement.

* How long will it take for an application to be processed? Please allow 1 to 2 days for an application to the International English Language program to be processed.

Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for an application to a career program to be processed once all required documents have been received.

* What should I do if my client has been waitlisted? Applicants may:

  • Cancel the application for the waitlisted program
  • Remain on the waitlist until a seat becomes available — the time it will take for a seat to become available is difficult to predict as this depends on other students cancelling from the program.
  • Submit a second application for the same program to the next available intake with a new application fee of $130CAD. By choosing this option, you will have two applications in place for the program of interest.
  • Submit a second application for a different program for the same intake with a new application fee of $130CAD. Please kindly contact (i.e. ndividuals who are applying on their own, or via non-contracted agents) or at (i.e. authorized agented students or current authorized agents who have a valid contract agreement with Bow Valley College) for the latest program availability.

* My client has been accepted (offer of admission). Now what? To reserve a seat in the program, students will be required to pay the first semester of tuition and fees, provided in the Fee Estimate attachment, within 21 days of the Offer of Admission, OR

Students may pay the $1,500 CAD non-refundable, non-transferrable confirmation fee within 21 days of the Offer of Admission, and the remaining amount can be paid before the Fee Deadline of their intake start date. 

Upon payment of the non-refundable, non-transferable confirmation fee, the student will be eligible to receive their Letter of Acceptance. Please be aware the amount of tuition which overseas Canadian Citizenship and Immigration Visa offices request to see proof of varies. Please familiarize yourself with all requirements from your nearest Canadian Visa Issuing Office. 

* My client has paid the $1,500 non-refundable, non-transferrable confirmation fee and/or the full first semester tuition in full. How long will it take for their Letter of Acceptance to be issued? Depending on the method of payment, it may take a little longer for the fees to be allocated into the student account. Please kindly allow a minimum of 2 to 3 business days for the Letter of Acceptance to be issued.

* My client’s study permit has been refused (i.e. visa denial). Would they be eligible for a refund of the $1,500 confirmation fee? To be considered for a refund due to a visa denial, contact the International Education Office by email at (i.e. individuals who are applying on their own, or via non-contracted agents) or at (i.e. authorized agented students or current authorized agents who have a valid contract agreement with Bow Valley College) before the start of the term/offering of registration with a copy of the visa denial letter issued by a Canadian Embassy or Consulate for that specific term/offering. A 100% refund of tuition and fees will be assessed including the non-refundable confirmation fee. 

Requests received after the start of a term/offering due to visa denial will be assessed a refund according to the date of notice of withdrawal and subject to Bow Valley College’s Learner Accounts Policy. A copy of the visa denial letter issued by a Canadian Embassy or Consulate for that specific term/offering must be presented.

A copy of the visa denial letter issued by a Canadian Embassy or Consulate for the specific term/offering is required at all times. Requests made without proof of visa denial will be assessed under the regular terms according to their date of cancellation or withdrawal.

* My client has applied for a study permit but has not received it yet. What should they do? It is a mandatory requirement of all international students to provide a copy of their valid study permit to the International Education Office no later than five business days prior to the program New Student Orientation (NOTE: Failure to do so will result in loss of seat in the program and the confirmation fee). It is the responsibility of the student to ensure adequate timelines are adhered to in applying for a study permit or other valid Canadian temporary resident permit. Citizenship and Immigration Canada provides minimum processing timeline guidelines on their website.

It is important to notify the International Education Office 15 business days prior to New Student Orientation of the state of the term if there is a possible delay in obtaining a study permit.Students who commence studies at Bow Valley College without a valid study permit will be removed from classes and will be assessed a refund according to their date of withdrawal. Failure to obtain a valid study permit prior to the commencement of the program does not constitute reason for an automatic adjustment of the start date. Students may be considered for a start date adjustment based on special consideration of unforeseeable circumstances with documented proof. Start date adjustments are NOT GUARANTEED.

* My client does not currently hold a valid study permit. Can they still study at Bow Valley College? It is the responsibility of the student to contact the International Education Office before the start of the term/offering of registration if there is a delay in obtaining a study permit. Students who commence studies at Bow Valley College without a valid study permit will be removed from classes and will be assessed a refund according to their date of withdrawal.

NOTE: If a student is taking only one term/semester (i.e. four months) of the English Language Learning program, a valid visitor visa is accepted in place of a study permit.

* Where can I go to find more information regarding immigration and visas questions? Please refer to our frequently asked immigration questions in the following link:

* When are the application open dates for future intakes? Fall 2016 – August 1, 2015 Winter 2017 – December 1, 2015 Spring 2017 – April 1, 2016

* Can I apply for intakes that are not available yet? No, students will need to wait until the application open date to apply to the program of interest.

* When are your application deadlines? Fall 2015 – July 24, 2015 Winter 2016 – November 20, 2015 Spring 2016 – March 24, 2016