Mar 29, 2017

The Internationalization Innovation Fund Award 2017

The International Education Department is pleased to announce our most recent recipient of the College’s Internationalization Innovation Fund award to Cheryl Kinzel, Director of Bow Valley College’s new Centre for Early Childhood Development and Applied Research (CEDAR).  Cheryl is collaborating with Cathryn O’Sullivan, who is the Early Childhood Coordinator within the Caribbean Child Development Centre from The University of the West Indies, Open Campus, in Jamaica.

The Internationalization Innovation Fund award at Bow Valley College, is eligible to all continuous staff, faculty, management or exempt employees of Bow Valley College (including employees with 2 or more years in the employment status of temporary). The purpose of this fund is to provide up to $ 8000CAD per award towards initiatives which aim to integrate an innovative international dimension or perspective into teaching, training, research and service functions of the college. For more information on this scholarship opportunity please refer to

In January 2016, Bow Valley College signed a Memorandum of Understanding with The University of West Indies, Open Campus with the intention to collaborate in themes related to Early Childhood development applied research and professional development, faculty and student mobility opportunities as well as investigation of synergies in other areas of academics.

For the past 18 months, Cheryl and Cathryn have been working via distance to conceptualize their joint research proposal and initiative.  Through their collobaration, they will develop a culturally contextualized survey that will be used to assess the level of social –emotional support in the relationship between a child and their caregiver in a child care setting.  The intiative will also set the foundation for faculty and student mobility opportunities within the Early Childhood Education unit.

Bow Valley College will welcome Ms. Sullivan to our campus in November, as she works with Cheryl to begin the assessment tool development applied research component through working in our Early Childhood education laboratory classrooms.  Cheryl will in-turn visit UWI early next year to investigate their research within the Caribbean cultural context.

Our college community will have the opportunity to learn more as this project evolves through news posts published on myCampus, a presentation when Cathryn is visiting in November, as well as annual Applied Research and Evaluation lunch and learn presentations.

Cheryl and Cathryn also intend to publish and present on the process and findings of their research, within both institutional communities as well as with the wider scholarly early childhood education community.

Faculty and student mobility opportunities will be showcased throughout our campus community via presentations and my campus notifications.

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