Feb 16, 2017

Laser Tag Trip

On February, 16th, the club’s second activity of the year was perhaps the most fun anyone had in a while, we played the adrenaline packed laser tag! Everyone gathered in front of the international department and we made our way to Laser Quest in an anxious journey.

At arrival, we were all dazzled by the different make believe scenarios the company had, making us all actually feel in a quest. We even got to choose our own special codename to play! The fun really began when everyone put on their glow in the dark vests and personalized laser guns, putting everyone in a professional looking gear. The game started and laser beams were everywhere. We entered a completely dark maze and were trying to find our way through while keeping an eye out for potential shots. Some students bonded while making some partnerships to survive. When the game was over we were presented with a ranking of best shooters, and an individual performance card. It was a very exciting competition! We gathered our things completely exhausted from the running around, just the healthy activity and entertainment that was much needed between classes, to take a break from studies. We took lots of pictures and shared so many laughs. It was a memorable activity where the theme was just adrenaline. We all felt like kids once more. And the great thing about fun activities like these, is that students become more comfortable to chat and communicate with each other and make long lasting bonds over something they never imagined they would do.

Thank you SABVC and the International Office for once again helping provide this great experience! We would also like to invite everyone to come to our next events, we are always planning great activities!

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