Jun 9, 2017

International Students Club – Calgary Zoo Expedition Activty

On Friday, June 9th, an interesting BVC International Students Club activity took place at the Escape 2gether. In the beginning of summer, we had this opportunity to join with a fun and interactive group of Bow Valley College students that were excited to discover the natural beauty of the Calgary Zoo at the heart of the City of Calgary.

In this warm and sunny morning; we had a trip to the Calgary Zoo full of expectations and excitement to see our favorite animals and learn a bit more about this iconic spot in the City. We arrived around 10 AM and our more than 100 different species of animals where already waiting for us!!!

We firstly gathered all together to take a quick group picture and then we split in smaller groups to visit our favorite animals available at the zoo during this season.

It was an amazing end of the week and for most of us a fantastic experience in which we could interact and make new friends while exploring one of the biggest Zoos in Alberta.

The main focus for most of us were the adorable penguins that have their own underground ecosystem and 4 different races of penguins that displayed a fantastic exhibition during their lunch time and we had the chance of witnessing the “King” of the penguins organizing to all the others which was something unique for us.

Finally, we were very amazed by the magnificent hippopotamus and the gorgeous lions in exhibition which completed a day full of emotions and enjoyment.

We came back to BVC around 4 pm with a great smile on our face and thankful for the International Education Department and SABVC for their continuous support of our fun activities.


Thank you all for attending this event and see you next time!

By Rick Alvarez - ISC Executive Member

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