Jun 29, 2017

IMAX Movie Event

On June 29th, Bow Valley College International Student’s Club set off to another fun activity! This time we went to the amazing IMAX Movie Theater to watch an action and adrenaline packed movie, Transformers! We all met in front of the International Office at the college then made our way to the train station and hopped on to Chinook Mall. It was a beautiful and warm summer day, so when we arrived we had a lovely walk from the station to the mall to enjoy the sun. Everyone was having a good time already. Soon after we reached the movie theater the students proceeded to explore the different types of yummy treats there were available to munch while watching all the action.

The IMAX movie theater is known to be one of the best there is, due to its high-quality sound acoustics and superior visual capability, not to mention the oversized screen.  Which was absolutely perfect to watch a movie with so many great visual effects, such as Transformers.  After everyone was packed up with crunchy popcorn, nachos, sodas and candy we headed inside, excited for the fun waiting for us.

Some of the students already knew each other but we had a few friendly new faces, so it is always nice to witness the beginning of new friendships and be able to provide these moments. As Dung Oppa told us:

“It was my first time experience IMAX theater and it was awesome! Giant screen and great sound effect made the movie even better! Thanks for organizing this event. We had so much fun.” 

Thank you SABVC and International Department for providing all the help and support! We invite every international student to keep joining us for these wonderful moments!

By Leticia Marques & Ricardo Alvarez - ISC Executive Team

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