Dec 8, 2016

Ice Skating at the Olympic Plaza

On November 23, the BVC International Student’s Club recently engaged in another exciting adventure! The club was so enthusiastic for the opportunity to take students ice skating, because for a lot of them it was their first time lacing up a pair of ice-skates and hitting the ice.  We all met at The International Office at Bow Valley College, then we began our trek just two blocks away from the school to Olympic Plaza.  After everyone received their rental skates, then it was time to hit the ice!  This was a new skill that not many were familiar with, but by the end of the night everyone seemed to be getting the hang of gliding over the ice.  The students who were comfortable on the ice helped the rest, hand in hand, by getting onto their feet. 

We spent the night shuffling around the rink.  Some students even felt comfortable enough to try tricks, like going backwards and spinning in circles.  For, most of us we enjoyed simply skating around the arena with our peers trying not to slip on the ice.  There were some  falls, but there was always someone there to lend a helping hand.

The skating rink at Olympic Plaza is so close to our school, which made it so convenient for all of us to commute there.  The rental hut, where we rented our skates from, worked around our schedule. They opened specially for us to hold this event.

While skating, we were surrounded by festive winter decorations and decorative lights.  It really prepared us for the holiday season that is sneaking up on us.  We all enjoyed the togetherness and team bonding that this ice skating activity brought out. 

Thank you SABVC and International Department for helping provide such a magical moment! We invite every international student to keep joining us for these wonderful moments!

By Leticia Marques & Kayla Belcher - ISC Executive Team

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