Feb 1, 2017

Downtown Calgary Tour

For the first activity of the year we gave students an amazing tour around Downtown Calgary, which included three main attractions. We gathered at the college and hopped on the train to begin our adventure downtown. From the station, it was only a short walk through Stephen Ave. to make it to our first stop, the breathtaking Calgary Tower.

Walking up to the “tall” tower can be a new experience for anyone who is afraid of heights. This was definitely an opportunity for these students to conquer their fear! A chart beside the elevators showed us how many floors we would be going up, which sparked everyone’s excitement. When we reached the top, the sight was a bliss to behold. There is an area where you can stand on a glass platform, which allows you to look down past your feet to the pavement below. Mind you, we are 100s of feet off the ground, but nobody seemed too fearful to stand on this piece of Plexiglas and take in the breath taking experience. We took tons of pictures, while we also took in the amazing view of the city. After enjoying the excitement of the privileged view of Calgary lighting up as dawn arrived, we were ready to head over to our next attraction, CORE shopping center. Our tummies were ready for some treats at the mall’s food court, so each student chose a different yummy meal from the variety of nationalities the mall had to offer. We strolled around the mall and had some fun window shopping, while getting to know each other better. 

Our last attraction of the night was on our way back to campus. It is a short walk to get to the very scenic Prince Island Park. We made our way back to school, while walking along the Bow River. We then vowed to bring the students back during the day in the spring so we can experience the park in all its beauty.

Thank you SABVC and the International Office for once again helping provide this great experience! We hope to see everyone again at our next events!

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