Dec 1, 2016

Bow Valley College Celebrates International Day of Persons with Disabilities

United Nations’ (UN) International Day of Persons with Disabilities is annually held on December 3rd. The intent of this day is to increase awareness of diverse abilities and promote inclusion.


The United Nations Decade of Disabled Persons was held from 1983 to 1992 to enable governments and organizations to implement measures to improve the life of disabled persons all over the world. On October 14, 1992, as this decade drew to a close, the UN General Assembly proclaimed December 3 as the International Day of Disabled Persons.

At Bow Valley College

Bow Valley College promotes International Day of Persons with Disabilities in order to create a more inclusive environment and to increase awareness and understanding of barriers that are faced by students with disabilities.

Get Involved

At Bow Valley College we have no student-lead support services for students with disabilities. As a social group, Students’ Association of Bow Valley College (SABVC) strongly encourages students to step forth and establish a student club or participate in organizing public events and activities for self-identified disabled students on campus. This is also an experiential opportunity for students to acquire leadership, organizing and management skills. Students with the passion and drive to serve the local community will make the best out of this volunteering experience with much more.

Services for Students with Disabilities

Bow Valley College is committed to an inclusive learning environment in which students have equitable access to education. Accessibility Services within Learner Success Services offers supports for students with disabilities. If you think you may have a disability, please contact Learner Success Services for an initial screening with an Accessibility Services Advisor. If you have documentation of a disability, you may be eligible for supports and accommodations. Your documentation must have a specific diagnosis of a disability, medical condition, or disorder AND specific recommendations to reduce the barriers caused by your disability. For additional information please visit their website at

Learning with a Disability

“I grew up with a learning disability. I tried to hide my disability from people. Hiding my disability delayed my learning over many years. My advice to those younger than me is to speak up about their disability and get the proper help.”

- Lloyd
- 69 years old
ABLE classroom, Center of Excellence in Foundational Learning (CEFL)

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