About International Education

The International Education Office at Bow Valley College is responsible for stewarding the College's international connections and supporting international initiatives. Specifically, our office undertakes activities related to:

  • International Student Recruitment and Enrollment
  • International Student Support Services
  • Development Projects
  • Institutional Partnerships
  • International internships and study abroad
  • Campus Internationalization

Our goal is to support the development of international and intercultural skills to prepare people for success in a global, knowledge based economy. International education and campus internationalization activities bring benefits to international students, Canadian students, faculty and staff at Bow Valley College, and our Calgary community. These benefits include:

  • Fostering intercultural competencies, a key Learning Outcome for all Bow Valley College graduates
  • Creating international networks for partnerships
  • Incorporating best practices in curriculum and teaching
  • Expanding perspectives and a more comprehensive global understanding
  • Establishing friendships across disciplines and cultures